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St. Kitts, and the city of Basseterre, are part of the former British West Indies.  They are rich in history and culture, with much to offer every visitor.  Make the most of you island experience . . . simply relax, and enjoy.
On St. Kitts you will find friendly English-speaking people, Shopping ~ Spectacular Scenery ~ Deep Sea Fishing ~ Golfing ~ Casinos ~ a Batik Factory ~ Sugar Plantations ~ Rain Forests ~ a 17th Century Fort ~ Scuba ~ Hiking, and much, much more.

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Imagine yourself surrounded by centuries-old sugar plantations, grand stone churches, volcanic mountain peaks, a flourishing rainforest and vast stretches of sandy beaches, all part of an island bordered by the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. With its rich history, scenic natural beauty, vibrant island culture, genuinely welcoming people and innumerable things to see and do, St Kitts provides an ideal setting for a distinctive and inspired escape.


Located midway along the chain of islands that makes up the Eastern Caribbean, St. Kitts is an emerging destination that has long been a favorite secret of discerning travelers. It boasts matchless natural beauty, from the heights of central peak Mount Liamuiga down its rainforested slopes and even on into the depths of the waters surrounding the island. St Kitts' friendly people, along with its refined culture and heritage, only add to the sense of warmth and connection with the land from its well-kept country villages to the animated streets of historic Basseterre.


The natural beauty of St. Kitts landscape provides a striking backdrop for a variety of activities that make exploring the island an unforgettable experience. Hike up to a crater lake; walk or bike along one of many lush, verdant rainforest trails; sail, windsurf or fish on the islands Atlantic side and snorkel, swim or scuba dive on the calmer Caribbean side, where an underwater world of ancient shipwrecks, colorful coral and marine life beckons. Play a round of golf on a challenging oceanfront fairway with picturesque greens, then sit back to watch the sunset form a rocking chair on the porch of one of several charming plantation inns. Or walk, shop, dine, or visit the Casino, indulge in a spa treatment, lounge in the warm sunlight, leave your footprints on a secluded beach, sway to the breeze in a hammock under the stars, or even take a day trip to Nevis via catamaran or ferry.


Memorable excursions in nature, a rich colonial history dating back hundreds of years and a wealth of cultural activities all lie in store, just waiting for your visit. And, most importantly, you can interact with the Kittitian people and connect with their spirit to truly become immersed in this unique destination. This is an opportunity to become a participant, not a spectator, and revel in the islands embrace.


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St. Kitts Scenic Railway

Romney Manor Caribelle Batik Factory

Royal St. Kitts Golf Club

Brimstone Hill Fortress

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